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No need to put unnecessary miles on your vehicle. With our affordable Car Shipping cost options, we'll safely transport your car or truck and save you money at the same time!

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    Fast and Efficient Deliveries

    Operating within your time constraints is what makes our car shipping cost solutions the go-to for vehicle transportation. We understand the importance of quick deliveries, so we work hard to meet the time frames you set.

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    Why Choose Car Shipping from Car Mover Auto Transport?

    There are many reasons why our customers choose us for their vehicle transport. Many like the personal approach we offer. Others appreciate our affordable car shipping cost. No matter what, we take the time to understand your needs. Our advisors will guide you through the entire car shipping process from start to finish and answer any questions or concerns you have.

    Door to Door

    Imagine – you order your vehicle, and the next thing you know, it is in your driveway. Now that’s car shipping.

    Open Transport

    One of the options you have is choosing Open Transport. It provides car shipping cost savings while still safely transporting your vehicles.

    Enclosed Transport

    For that additional level of protection for your valuable auto, especially vintage or collectibles, Enclosed Transport Car Shipping is the way to go.

    Receive Regular Updates

    The door to door service provides you with regular updates about your vehicle shipment. This is done using email and/or SMS messages to your smartphone.

    Delivery Right to Your Door

    No waiting for weeks for a full load to ship. Our door to door service ensures your shipment leaves out immediately upon arrival.

    Oversee the Loading | Unloading

    If you want to be involved in the pickup and drop off of your vehicles, you can meet the trucker at point A and point B to oversee both transactions.

    Hassle-Free Exchange

    Once you contact us and accept the estimate we offer, a carrier will send a trucker to the destination to pickup the vehicle. 

    Trusted by Car Dealers

    Dealerships are consistently transporting vehicles to and from. In most cases, they hire car shipping companies like Car Mover LLC for open auto transport services.

    Sufficient Coverage

    The insurance covering your vehicles offers you peace of mind, providing sufficient coverage on your vehicle that begins as soon as it’s loaded onto the trailer.

    Our Simple Car Shipping Cost Process


    In just four simple steps, you can be on your way to having your vehicle picked up and transported to wherever you need it.

    Quote & Order

    Get a quote here on our site, or contact us directly. You can then submit your order.

    Prepare Pickup

    All you need is the car and a set of keys. It’s best if the pickup is in a space large enough for a semi-truck.

    Receive Updates

    Once a trucker arrives to get your vehicle, you will receive regular updates to your email or phone.

    Get Your Vehicle

    The vehicle is delivered to you chosen destination and you can pay the balance owing and receive a receipt.

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